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Located in the northernmost region of South America, bordering Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.
With a population of 48.2 million, Colombia is the most populous Spanish speaking country in South America.
Spanish is the main language, however you will also find 65 Amerindian and 2 Creole languages. English is not widely spoken.

Top Attractions: Gold Museum | Tayrona Park | Rosario Islands | UNESCO Coffee region | Las Lajas | San Andres
A Nation Reinvented

A country that has been transforming over the past decade, Colombia has become a Latin American powerhouse for business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. While being surrounded by a colourful culture, you will discover a mixture of landscapes, people, and businesses that will challenge your perception of the country, and teach you to think outside the box when it comes to development.

Travelers taking part in the Colombia tour will have the opportunity to visit smaller towns, allowing them to meet locals and to learn more about modern life. Despite Colombia previously being home to a notorious drug cartel that terrorized the country, students will see first-hand that despite hardship, the people are friendly, happy and optimistic for their country’s future. Additionally, EMP’s Colombia tour illustrates the government’s role in narrowing the gap between social classes as seen through innovative new infrastructure projects in major cities.

GDP per Capita

53th largest export economy in the world – 48th largest import economy in the world – Learn more here

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