How It Works

Our Exclusive Tours gives Canadians the Opportunity to Discover Emerging Markets
  • Apply to Travel with Us

    Select an upcoming departure and fill in the online application telling us why you want to participate in an Emerging Markets Project trip. The exclusive companies that you’ll be visiting abroad are excited to meet you! Hurry, spots are limited!

  • Join an Upcoming Trip

    Once accepted into the program, you’ll receive a call from us to discuss when and where you would like to travel to. A small $400 deposit guarantees your spot on the tour, and the remaining amount can be paid in installments over time.

  • Prepare for Your Departure

    You’ll meet your fellow travelers from across Canada in a virtual meetup prior to departure on your two-week intensive tour. You’ll receive awesome swag and a learning package so that you know what to expect on tour. Then, pack your bags! You’re off to discover developing nations in a way you’ve never traveled before!

We take you on a two-week tour to an EmergingMarket

While there, we take youinside local and international organizations to see what it’s like to work and live in that country. You take a basic language class and business etiquette class. You network with locals and hear their stories. You discover why the country’s economy is emerging. You learn cross-cultural skills that are relevant to the job market.

At the same time, you will be exploring the destination’s most exciting hot-spots, nightlife, and instagrammable attractions.

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  It’s business by day, leisure by night. 
It’s a condensed, intensive learning experience that gives you tangible skills and experience that employers look for.
It’s the Ultimate Business Trip.
Your two-week tour is an immersive learning experience to truly understand the reality of living and working in developing nations.

Arrive at your Destination

You’ll meet up with the rest of your group flying in from different parts of Canada. Your group’s tour guide will meet you and get you settled into your hotel. EMP Tour Guides are highly-rated and have unique insights into the cities that you’ll be visiting.

Cultural Integration Activities

Within the first few days of your tour, you’ll take part in a beginner language course and a business etiquette course. These sessions will help you gain a deeper understanding of the culture so that you can seamlessly navigate interactions on your trip!

Expand Your Network

You’ll meet with locals to hear their stories and learn about their reality. You’ll network with business professionals and gain insights into the country you’re visiting. You’ll also meet ambitious Canadians just like YOU within your group!

Visit Local and International Organizations

We bring you exclusively inside local and international businesses. Each company visit is interactive and unique, such as a factory tour of Bombardier’s train assembly line in China, a presentation on the Canada-India relations at the local High Commission, or a wine testing at Cape Point Vineyards while learning about the South African wine industry. These interactive activities are tangible experiences that employers back home love to hear about. You’ll visit 5-7 organizations on your trip.

Destination Activities

When you’re not visiting local companies or learning the culture, your guide will take you to local hotspots and must-see attractions. Nothing is better after a busy day of networking than strolling along The Bund in Shanghai, exploring the picturesque Walled City in Cartagena, or snapping photos at the Taj Mahal! You’ll also have free time to explore the city on your terms – the perfect blend of business and leisure!

of business professionals believe that travel abroad makes you more adaptable in the workplace

The Emerging Markets Project was made for Canadian aspiring professionals! Anyone can apply to take part in the program but here’s who benefits most:

Status: 18-35 | University and College Students | Recent Graduates

Experience: None necessary, although work experience and travel experience are an asset

Background: Business, Politics, Law, Social Sciences, or similar. Or perhaps you just want to learn more about emerging markets!

Other Interests: Our program fits people who are either looking to learn more about another country, international business, or working abroad. It benefits individuals looking to gain tangible international experience for the job market and gain insights that can get them ahead in their careers. It’s made for people who want to travel with a purpose, to learn and see incredible things simultaneously.