Information For Parents


The Emerging Markets Project has been running since 2014. Our first trip to China departed in May 2015 and our second trip to South Africa departed in May 2016. We started as a student initiative at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec with a goal of getting students to learn more about emerging markets. We quickly garnered interest from universities and students across the country who wanted us to bring our program to their schools.

The initiative has been praised by Chinese officials, the South African High Commissioner, the businesses visited in both countries (including Bombardier, Alibaba, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and BMW) and even university faculty who wanted to integrate the trips into a course.


We provide travel for aspiring professionals looking to stand out in their career. Our mission is to enable Canadians to discover opportunity in emerging markets, and empower them to seize it. Our program enables aspiring professionals to

  • Gain global experience to put on their resume to differentiate themselves from other applicants in the job market
  • Experience beautiful destinations and share the experience with their friends
  • Travel affordably while learning at the same time

SAFETY: Our #1 Priority


    Our tour leaders perform check-ins with our team back in Canada every 2-3 days. We know where our groups are exactly at all times!

    Accompanied 24/7

    Our groups have guides and leaders with them at ALL times to answer any questions or concerns. Our tour leaders all go through complete training prior to departure to ensure they can respond to all situations.

    Experienced Guides

    We work with locals who know the countries and customs better than anyone. This ensures that your child is in good hands throughout.

    Safe Accomodations

    Part of the experience involves traveling like a business professional (we call this the Business Trip Experience). This means we only stay in 3+ star hotels, many of which have Wi-Fi which means you’ll be able to speak to your child at ease while they’re traveling.

    We know our destinations

    We have visited all the countries we go to and have followed the tour itineraries to ensure that they’re safe and provide eye-opening learning experiences.

    Learning Materials

    All travelers receive a package with travel and safety information specific to their destination. We want our travelers to feel prepared and confident prior to departure – this is one of the most important aspects of safety when traveling to ANY country.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have a limited number of spots available each year. Anyone interested in participating must fill in a short application: click here to see it. We respond to all applicants by the application deadline for the trip they’re applying for. Keeping the program competitive allows us to better deliver on our promise of helping aspiring professionals stand-out in their career.

    The trips are best suited for 18-35 year olds attending a Canadian University or College. Most trips are also open to recent graduates.

    We are licensed under and fully compliant with the rules of the Office de la Protection du Consommateur (OPC), the government agency overseeing travel industry operations in the province of Quebec.

    We pride ourselves in offering a price that includes almost everything you’ll need for the trip. All accommodations, activities, ground transportation, tour guides, and even some meals. We also include those little things that you may not think about, but that definitely add up in the end: taxes and transfers to and from airports. Click here to see a full list of inclusions.

    1. Airfare to and from your destination are not included in the base program fee. We do offer the option to book your flights on your behalf.
    2. Some countries require a traveler visa to enter the country. We do not cover this since the requirements can differ depending on your nationality/citizenship.
    3. We don’t include all meals because past travelers have expressed that they wanted some freedom to explore the local cuisine. There is always at least 1 meal included every day (up to three). The detailed breakdown can be found in the itinerary of each respective departure.
    4. Tips are not included. While up to your discretion, we recommend up to 10$ per day to cover both tour guides and bus drivers.
    5. A bit of spending cash is always nice for souvenirs and going out during free time but otherwise, almost everything is included!

    We highly recommend travel insurance whenever traveling abroad. You can purchase insurance from local providers. If they are students, check with their school as university and college health plans (which are usually included in tuition) often include travel insurance. Some credit cards also include travel insurance – we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for all payments, including the deposit. If you are looking for a provider, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or via phone toll-free at 1-844-736-0736.

    All of our tours are guided, meaning a local Tour Guide leads the groups through all of the activities. Each group also has a Tour Manager that is trained by us to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Every group also has at least one designated Tour Leader from Canada who acts as a team leader and point of reference for other travelers throughout the trip.