Building a Global Strategy



Dec 29, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019 


9 days + flight


International business is a fascinating field, but a difficult one to get into. Whether you want to work abroad, work with different cultures, or even start your own business, you need to understand what it truly means to work internationally. More and more businesses are going global. Social and political issues now have global impact. Young professionals need these skills to stand out in our increasingly global world.

Participating in this project will allow you to follow and experience first-hand the steps that a company takes to enter a new market. You’ll meet with local professionals who have faced international expansion to hear their stories and insights. You’ll understand the challenges of expanding and doing business abroad. Through workshops and company visits, you’ll practice adapting products to a new market on your own. Most importantly, you’ll gain crucial contacts abroad to launch your career in international business from back home or even abroad!

  • Explore two major hubs for Canadian businesses and expats in China
  • Connect with international business professionals and local experts
  • Adapt a real company’s strategy to the Chinese market
  • Join a community of young professionals like you looking to do business abroad

Ready to Participate?

We aim for each project to consist of an ambitious and diverse community of young professionals. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis so be sure to apply asap to guarantee your spot!


  • Analyzing the economic, social, and political landscape abroad
  • Deciding whether or not to go global
  • Choosing a fitting market entry strategy and finding partners abroad
  • Adapting products to local needs and trends
  • Communicating effectively across cultures


China is the largest manufacturer and exporter in the world making its importance to young professionals undeniable. As the second largest economy in the world, China provides opportunities for business professionals to experience a unique culture intertwined with a dynamic and diverse economy. China’s rapidly evolving markets, infrastructure, and standards of living attest to the country’s undeniable importance in the global economy.


$2.37 T exports, $1.27 T imports, $14.5K GDP per Capita, world’s largest exporter, second largest importer


Located in Eastern Asia, bordering 14 countries. The third largest country in the world.


With a population of 1.3 billion, China is the most populous country in the world. The Chinese population is made up of 56 different official ethnic groups.


Official languages Mandarin in mainland China. There are 297 living languages/dialects in the Chinese language group.



The first half of the project takes place in China’s capital. With a population of 21.7 million, Beijing is the second largest city in China, and third largest in the world. Its history stretches back 3 millennia and is highly recognized for its traditional architecture depicted in the Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, and it’s portion of the Great Wall. Simultaneously, the capital city has also become known as a modern city, with a bustling urban area and continuous growth opportunities for business.


Shanghai is the most populous city in China and third in the World just behind Delhi and Tokyo. It is renowned as the financial hub of the Eastern world and a major transportation hub in Asia. At every corner, you will clearly see new and old come together: large skyscrapers next to ancient city walls within the city, modern tech stores next to small animal markets, and people from all walks of life. Shanghai is a truly global city and one of the most popular for global expatriates.



  • null

    Arrival in Beijing

    Welcome Dinner, Icebreaker Activities

  • null

    Analyzing Foreign Markets - China, Part 1

    Tiananmen Square, Masterclass on Chinese business culture, traditional Chinese dinner

  • null

    Analyzing Foreign Markets - China, Part 2

    Chinese industry activity and company visit, Beijing Financial district, new year’s eve out in Beijing!

  • null

    Day Off in Beijing

    Explore beautiful Beijing on your own terms, take part in New Year’s festivities or hike the Great Wall!

  • null

    Exploring the Financial Capital of the East

    Bullet train to Shanghai, Financial District Visit, the Bund, River Boat Cruise

  • null

    Expanding Abroad - Market Entry Strategies

    Masterclass on market entry strategy, visit a Canadian company that entered the Chinese market, moderated roundtable discussion on controversial international expansions

  • null

    Adapting Your Marketing Strategy

    Product adaptation strategies workshop in a Chinese market, activity on adapting a traditional Chinese product abroad, evening off in Shanghai

  • null

    Adapting Your Internal Strategy

    Masterclass on cross-cultural communication and Chinese business etiquette, activity on building internal strategies and communication, closing dinner, night out

  • null


    Final breakfast, check out, flights home


Michael Richardson

Staff Accountant, Large Audit at KPMG

“Absolutely amazing experience. I participated in both the China program and the South Africa program and can say that these were some of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.”


Michael Richardson

Staff Accountant, Large Audit at KPMG

“Absolutely amazing experience. I participated in both the China program and the South Africa program and can say that these were some of the most eye-opening experiences of my life.”


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