Building a Global Strategy



April 27 – May 8, 2019


12 days + flight


Participating in this project will allow you to follow and experience first-hand the steps that a company takes to enter a new market. You’ll meet with local professionals who have faced international expansion to hear their stories and insights. You’ll understand the challenges of expanding and doing business abroad. Through workshops and company visits, you’ll practice adapting products to a new market on your own.

Whether you want to work abroad, work with different cultures, or even start your own business, you need to understand what it truly means to work internationally. More and more businesses are going global. Social and political issues now have global impact. Young professionals need these skills to stand out in our increasingly global world. Join us in Colombia to gain crucial contacts abroad to launch your career in international business from back home or even abroad! You’ll discover that beyond the resorts lies a festive, economic powerhouse to discover.


Gain International Experience

Learn first-hand how companies expand to foreign markets while gaining insights for local professionals in the field. See the challenges, strategies, and opportunities that exist both in Colombia and Latin America.

Eliminate Misconceptions & Biases

We all hold misconceptions and unconscious biases of cultures that we’re unfamiliar with. You’ll become a more worldly professional as you discover what it’s truly like to work and live in Colombia.

Network with Local Professionals

Build your global network while gaining insights from top talent in Colombia, one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

Discover Opportunities Abroad

From job opportunities to fast-growing industries, startup ideas to finding ways for you to contribute to the local economy, you’ll walk away with newfound opportunities for Canadians in Latin America

Ready to Participate?

We aim for each project to consist of an ambitious and diverse community of young professionals. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis so be sure to apply asap to guarantee your spot!


A country that has been transforming over the past decade, Colombia has become a Latin American powerhouse for business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. While being surrounded by a colourful culture, you will discover a mixture of landscapes, professionals, and businesses that will challenge your perception of the country, and teach you to think outside the box when it comes to development.


Colombia and Canada are strong partners, with Colombia being our fifth-largest bilateral trading partner in Latin America/Caribbean + our third largest export partner in Latin America.


Located in the northernmost region of South America, bordering Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. It is known as the gateway to South America due to it’s Northern position and access to both oceans.


With a population of 48.2 million, Colombia is the most populous Spanish speaking country in South America.


Spanish is the main language, however you will also find 65 Amerindian and 2 Creole languages. English is not widely spoken.



Medellin, once home to the notorious Pablo Escobar, has reinvented itself as an innovative city attracting visitors, tourists, and business. It is Colombia’s second largest city and was named ‘the most innovative city in the world’ in 2013. Its modern architecture mixed with out-of-the-box solutions for reducing poverty and inclusion has resulted in the city becoming a model for other developing nations looking to solve similar issues. When visiting Medellin, you will enjoy a beautiful city nestled in the Andes mountain, interact with a diverse population, and meet the incredibly friendly people of Medellin.


Bogota is Colombia’s capital, the largest metropolitan area, and the main economic and industrial centre of the country. With more and more countries investing in Colombia, Bogota has transformed into a melting pot of people from around the world. Bogota is the Colombian headquarters for many international firms looking to set up operations in the country. You will be greeted by a vibrant cosmopolitan city with some of the best nightlife, restaurants, hotspots (and most fashionable people) that Colombia has to offer.


Cartagena, once a city visited by pirates and a storage place for stolen gold, is now a city that has been transformed into a modern tourist destination. South Americans and vacationers from around the world visit this exotic Caribean destination known for its beaches, tropical climate, and historic gated city. The city is home to entrepreneurs and business professionals alike fueled particularly by its tourism industry. The city has also become a meeting area for major politicians around the world.



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    Arrival in Medellin

    Welcome Dinner, Icebreaker Activities, Goal Setting

  • null

    Colombia's External Environment: Part 1

    Spanish and Colombian Culture Masterclass, Cultural Activities, Pueblito Paisa, Group Dinner
    Begin exploring Colombia’s unique cultural environment. As one of the largest Spanish speaking markets in the world, international professionals must be well immersed in this colourful, traditional culture. After a half-day masterclass, you’ll visit a model Colombian town and enjoy a traditional Colombian dinner.

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    Colombia's External Environment: Part 2

    Colombian Government, El Alpujarra Administrative Center, Communa 13, Night Off
    Today’s emotional day explores the infamous political environment of Colombia. You’ll start by learning about Medellin’s municipal government and the many innovative ideas they’ve implemented to move the city forward. In the afternoon, you’ll visit one of Medellin’s poorest communities to see first-hand the impact of political tensions and how the neighbourhood has prevailed nonetheless.

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    The Impact of International Companies on Colombia

    Certified Colombian Coffee Farm, Starbucks Coffee Store, Mini-Workshop, Flight to Bogota
    It’s time to put yourself in the shoes of the locals – today, you’ll discover how international businesses entering Colombia are impacting the country from the perspective of its residents. By taking a closer look at the coffee industry, you’ll develop knowledge about the good and bad of foreign companies on the lives of Colombians.

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    Market Entry Strategies

    Workshop on Market Entry Strategy, Company Visit, Evening Off
    Now that you have a clearer picture of the local environment, you’ll see how companies can expand abroad! You’ll take part in a workshop to test your knowledge on market entry strategy and take part in a company tour to see exactly how it’s done.

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    Colombia's Growing Economy

    Canadian Embassy, Lunch with professionals, Gold Museum, Group Dinner, Night off
    Discover Colombia’s growing economy! You’ll spend the day learning about Canada-Colombia relations, as well as the country’s current economic environment. You’ll also discover opportunities for Canadians looking to do business in this vibrant nation.

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    Adapting Your Marketing Strategy

    Company visit, Colombian Megastore, Marketing Workshop, Colombian Cooking Course
    With insider info on the Colombian market, it’s now time to adapt your company’s strategy! Today, you’ll learn more about how international companies have tailored their products to the Colombian market and try your hand at product adaptation in several unique workshops around Bogota!

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    Day Of Your Own In Bogota

    Take advantage of some free time to discover our recommended attractions or explore beautiful Bogota on your own terms!

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    Adapting Your Internal Strategy

    Business Etiquette Masterclass, Build an Internal Strategy Workshop, Walled City
    Today, you’ll learn about adapting your internal strategy when expanding abroad. You’ll take part in a business etiquette course where you’ll explore the importance of internal strategy, and have the opportunity to develop your own!

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    Day Of Your Own In Cartagena

    Take advantage of some free time to discover our recommended attractions or explore beautiful Cartagena on your own terms!

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    Imports and Exports

    Cartagena Port, San Felipe Castle, Closing Dinner
    Imports and exports are a key part of Colombia’s economy. You’ll visit Cartagena Port – the international gateway in and out of Colombia. Later in the evening, enjoy a closing dinner with your team. The closing dinner will allow you to reflect on your experience in Colombia before closing off this eye-opening experience.

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    Final breakfast, check out, flight home


Adam Vieira

Merchant Services Manager, Income Access

“My experience can be summarized in one word: Amazing. The EMP team was able to balance adventure with an unforgettable learning experience.”


Adam Vieira

Merchant Services Manager, Income Access

“My experience can be summarized in one word: Amazing. The EMP team was able to balance adventure with an unforgettable learning experience.”


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