Entering the Asian Market



May 13 – May 25, 2019


11 days + flight


We’re bringing you to two of the fastest-growing nations in Southeast Asia to show you how to do business in the Eastern world. This trip provides you with the foundations for either working in Asia or doing business with Asian countries from back home. You’ll explore stunning, historical countries where Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Malaysian cultures all co-exist in harmony – what better place to learn how to Enter the Asian Market?


Gain International Experience

Learn first-hand how companies expand to foreign markets while gaining insights for local professionals in the field. See the challenges, strategies, and opportunities that exist in the Asian Market.

Eliminate Misconceptions

We all hold misconceptions and unconscious biases of cultures that we’re unfamiliar with. You’ll become a more worldly professional as you discover what it’s truly like to work and live in Southeast Asia.

Network with Local Pros

Build your global network while gaining insights from top talent in these rapidly-growing Asian Markets.

Discover Opportunities Abroad

From job opportunities to fast-growing industries, startup ideas to finding ways for you to contribute to the local economy, you’ll walk away with newfound opportunities for Canadians in Asia.

Ready to Participate?

We aim for each project to consist of an ambitious and diverse community of young professionals. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis so be sure to apply asap to guarantee your spot!


Topping Bloomberg’s Emerging Markets list, Malaysia and Thailand are both exhibiting tremendous growth. Southeast Asia a whole has experienced tremendous economic growth and growing global importance in recent years. This is due in large part to a highly skilled but inexpensive workforce, booming tech sectors, and pro-business government attracting attention from international firms.


Thailand and Malaysia are the 2nd and 3rd largest economies of Southeast Asia respectively

Malaysian Growth

Malaysia is ambitiously working to become a high-income status country and green economy simultaneously

Thailand 4.0

This ambitious plan aims to transition the country to digital businesses, better social welfare, and advanced infrastructure by 2032.

Language Hub

Many Asian languages converge here including Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, Telugu, Panjabi and more


Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a stunning melting pot of Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures, each bringing unique traditions, architecture, and delicious food to this diverse city. The former British colony is known for its vast shopping malls, tall skyscrapers, and the iconic Petronas towers (pictured above). Kuala Lumpur is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for global organizations who are looking to establish an Asian head office.


Bangkok is a city where tradition and growth collide. Golden temples and 200-year old visits all over the city are met with neon signs, rapid urbanization, and some of Asia’s largest malls. The city is renowned for its street culture including dozens of markets, delicious street food, and outdoor entertainment. Bangkok is Thailand’s economic hub – its vastly improving safety and quality of life for its citizens over the past decade now make it an appealing entryway into the Southeast Asian market for international firms.



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    Arrival in Kuala Lumpur

    Welcome Dinner, Icebreaker Activities

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    Southeast Asia, Where Cultures Collide

    Batu Caves, Merdeka Square, Chinatown, Street Markets
    Start the project off by learning about Malaysia diverse culture, a melting pot where Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cultures co-exist in harmony.

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    Business Opportunities in Southeast Asia

    Local Company Tour, KLCC Visit, Petronas Towers, Evening off
    Explore how Malaysia, Thailand, and the Southeast Asia region have become emerging markets. You’ll learn about ASEAN and see how Canadians can best take advantage of the many opportunities in this often overlooked part of the world.

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    Made in Malaysia

    Masterclass on Finding Asian Suppliers and RFPs, Factory Tour
    Manufacturing is a key industry in Southeast Asia. After your masterclass on sourcing suppliers and materials in Asia led by local experts, visit a local factory where you’ll discover the manufacturing reality first-hand.

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    Business Relations in Asia

    Masterclass on Asian business etiquette, Dinner with Locals, Evening Activity
    See first-hand the importance of relationship building in a high-context culture. Learn how to host and attend business meetings, dinners, form partnerships, and the slight nuances between many Asian cultures.

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    From Malaysia to Thailand

    Flight to Bangkok, Grand Palace, Wat Prakeaw, Wat Pho, Old Town
    After a morning flight experience Asia’s famous low-cost carriers, you’ll spend the afternoon and evening touring this famous city’s historical sites, stunning temples, and vibrant street markets

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    Negotiating Like a Pro

    Masterclass on the art of negotiations in Asia, company tour, night market workshop
    Today is all about gaining the often overlooked negotiation skills required to succeed in Asian business. Learn negotiation from experts at with a masterclass and company tour. In the evening, you’ll practice your newly acquired negotiation skills first-hand.

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    Day Off

    Explore stunning Bangkok on your own terms or take part in one of our recommended activities

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    The Asian Consumer

    Silom Tour, Klong Toey Slum Tour, Moderated Roundtable
    Today’s activities will challenge your perceptions of these fast-growing nations and put you in the shoes of the real consumers of Southeast Asia, a picture that often isn’t as stunning as the country’s economic growth.

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    Working in Southeast Asia

    Workshop on starting a business in Southeast Asia, startup incubator, co-working space, company tour, closing dinner, evening out
    Today’s activities allow you to explore the opportunities that exist in the region from startups to major companies, and daily living to finding work in Southeast Asia

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    Final breakfast, check out, flights home


Rana Abbasi

Marketing Specialist at District 3 Innovation Centre

“The project allowed me to see Asia from a business perspective while learning more about how business is conducted, how factories function, and how Canadian businesses operate in Southeast Asia. It was the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of the Asian market.”


Rana Abbasi

Marketing Specialist at District 3 Innovation Centre

“The project allowed me to see Asia from a business perspective while learning more about how business is conducted, how factories function, and how Canadian businesses operate in Southeast Asia. It was the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of the Asian market.”


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