The Essentials Project for the Global Professional

Learn the Skills Needed to Find a Cool Job


May 2019


8 days + flight


Looking to learn what it takes to find a position in the workforce after graduating? This project allows you to learn the essential skills to stand out among your peers, speak about your experiences, and represent yourself in a way that interviewers are looking for. Given the nature of this project being in Mexico, there will be a strong focus on becoming a global candidate. You’ll understand the key skills and characteristics employers are looking for today. Join us in workshops, networking and company visits to gain a better understanding.


Whether you want to work abroad, work with different cultures, or even start your own business, you need to understand what it truly means to work internationally. More and more businesses are going global. Social and political issues now have global impact. Young professionals need these skills to stand out in our increasingly global world.

Ready to Participate?

We aim for each project to consist of an ambitious and diverse community of young professionals. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis so be sure to apply asap to guarantee your spot!


  • Writing an effective resume: Participants will have the opportunity to learn what to write on a resume, as well as tips and tricks to stand out. Additionally, the group will learn differences between resumes globally, with a focus on Mexico.
  • Job prospecting: Participants will see different avenues of looking for a job, identify what kinds of positions they would themselves be interested. There will be a heavy focus on finding global potions and the skills required to work abroad (with Mexico as a case study).
  • Interviewing: Participants will learn interview techniques and strategy to showcase their skills and personality.
  • Career Strategy and Expectation: Participants will learn about different positions in the global workforce, difference career paths, and what to expect when entering the workforce. This will be customized based on the participants attending and their given areas of study. Skillsets by field will be identified and the most sought-after soft skills will be discussed.
  • Networking: Participants will be naturally networking throughout the project with their group, project managers, professionals they are meeting, and their new surroundings.


By participating in this course in Mexico, participant will also be exposed to learning opportunities that will enable them to be a more global professional: Seeing and understanding a different culture than their own, networking with global professionals and non-Canadian professionals, communication skills, adaption skills, and global teamwork.


90% of Mexico’s trade is under 12 free trade agreements. With 44 partner nations, it has more trade agreement partner than any other country.


Mexico’s geographic size is equivalent to Saudi Arabia but it supports a 5x larger population.


Mexico is the 10th largest country in the world by population with over 80% of its inhabitants living in urban areas.


Though Spanish is the main language, there are over 100 Native American languages still spoken today.


Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital and economic hub of the country. Incidentally, it’s also the 8th richest city in the world. Though often sidestepped by travelers in favour of resorts, Mexico City is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world with 10,000 years of history. As a nod to its rich cultural history, Mexico City houses beautiful Hispanic and colonial-era buildings and landmarks throughout. As a hub for international businesses, it also houses large portions of the country’s service, finance and manufacturing industries.



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    Arrival in Mexico City

    Arrive in Mexico City
    Dinner with the whole group and an introduction to the project
    Evening out in Mexico City downtown

  • null

    Understanding the Workforce

    Understanding the global workforce: A discussion on the top jobs globally, Market trends and top positions in each field currently, Understanding the group and their current goals, Comparing jobs and work life in Canada and Mexico

    (PM) Learning about Mexican Professional and Tour of the National University of Mexico

  • null

    Preparing Yourself for the Workforce

    (AM/PM) Training on how to build a resume: Classroom training, Workshop in building your resume, Review resumes around the world and how they differ, Identify the different skills that participants have and understanding how to showcase them, Identify the different approaches there are to find a position in a company you love, Understanding how to show your skills and personality in an interview

    (PM) Dinner + Evening out in Mexico City (Lucho Libre)

  • null

    Jumping into the Workforce

    (AM/PM) Classroom training on how to network (with practice): Networking globally (different practices), Culture training on communication with a focus on Mexico

    (PM) Dinner with local professionals and/or students

  • null

    A Day of Your Own

    No activities planned (suggestions will be recommended/ or perhaps the group can choose an activity together)

  • null

    Jumping into the Workforce

    (AM/PM) Visit a large corporation and learn more about what it takes to work in a large company. Meet with HR Professionals and understand what they are looking for when speaking with new candidates. Afterwards, visit a small company/start-up to understand how what they are looking for in new candidates.

    (PM) Moderated Roundtable – The group will be asked to discuss how they would change their interview tactics based on the two companies that they visited

  • null

    Being a part of the Workforce

    (AM/PM) Visit Xocimilco and take a boat throughout the canals. Complete an exercise in soft skills needed in the workforce today (we will make a game). Visit the Xocimilco market and pick out a piñata

    (PM) Last dinner together (with piñata)

  • null


    Final breakfast, check out, flights home


Adam Vieira

Merchant Services Manager, Income Access

“My experience can be summarized in one word: Amazing. The EMP team was able to balance adventure with an unforgettable learning experience.”


Adam Vieira

Merchant Services Manager, Income Access

“My experience can be summarized in one word: Amazing. The EMP team was able to balance adventure with an unforgettable learning experience.”


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