TRSSxEMP Presents China: The New Dynasty, Winter Break


Tour Basics

With the growing number of aspiring professionals looking to work abroad or within international fields from here in Canada, the need for a well-rounded international education is becoming increasingly critical. Specifically, knowing what it means to live and work in a developing country gives you the tools you need to work with organizations internationally.

Visiting China with EMP is finally understanding the term ‘exponential growth’. Walking through the major cities is an experience filled with an abundance of cranes, new buildings, new streets, and constant business development. With over 3,000 years of history, travelers will be immersed in a culture where tradition and growth walk hand-in-hand. As the second largest economy in the world, China provides opportunities for business professionals to experience a unique culture intertwined with a dynamic and diverse economy. China’s rapidly evolving markets, infrastructure, and standards of living attest to the country’s undeniable importance to the global economy and to Canadian professionals who will undoubtedly work with this powerful country in their careers.

Explore Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin
Departure Thurs Dec 28 | Only 20 People Accepted!
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About China

The second largest economy in the world, China, provides opportunities for business professionals to experience a unique culture intertwined with a dynamic and diverse economy.

What’s Included

Round-Trip Flight to China from Toronto **

Company Tours

All breakfasts and meals listed

Hotel Accommodations (3+ Stars)

All scheduled activities in the itinerary

Learning package prior to departure and swag bag

Inter-country transportation

Local tour guides

Support whenever you need us




Have you ever wanted to see one of the largest cities in the world, explore Tiananmen Square or climb the Great Wall? Beijing has been China’s capital for more than 800 years, and with a population of 21.7 million, Beijing is the second largest city in China, and third largest in the world. Its history stretches back 3 millennia and is highly recognized for its traditional architecture depicted in the Forbidden City, Imperial Palace, and it’s portion of the Great Wall. Simultaneously, the capital city has also become known as a modern city, with a bustling urban area and continuous growth opportunities for business.



Just a few hours outside of Beijing, Tianjin acts as Beijing’s port and is a vital gateway to the sea. More recently, it has become a destination for foreign visitors. Tourists are particularly interested in seeing the city’s unique mix of different architectures styles stemming from its influence from Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Great Britain, Austria, Japan, and Belgium. From a business perspective, Tianjin also offers a variety of commerce and has been dubbed ‘China’s historic industry hub’ by the BBC.



Hangzhou is said to be ‘the most beautiful city in China’. It is home to the most famous West Lake and its beautiful surrounding gardens. It is highly recognized and visited by Chinese tourists and international visitors alike. In Hangzhou, you will find a diverse business environment, ranging from fields of tea plantations to Hangzhou’s Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The city houses major tech giants such as Alibaba, Nokia, and Siemens making Hangzhou a key city in China’s modern development.



Shanghai is often said to have been built overnight. The city’s growth is evident when simply looking at Shanghai 25-years ago compared to now. As the most populous city in the China, and third in the World just behind Delhi and Tokyo, Shanghai stands as a global financial center and transportation hub. At every corner, you will clearly see new and old come together: large skyscrapers next to ancient city walls within the city, modern stores next to small animal markets, and people from all walks of life. Shanghai is a truly global city and one of the most popular for global expatriates.

| City Temple of God | Hangpu River Cruise |
| Hangzhou West Lake | Great Wall of China |
| Summer Palace | Forbidden City |

| Bombardier | Ubisoft |
| Elephant Paints | Alibaba |

All companies are selected one-three months prior to departure ***


Day One – Arriving in Shanghai

Flying across the world is not only exciting but also gives you lots of time to catch up on sleep, watch movies, meet other EMP travelers and brush up on your Mandarin.

Once you arrive at Shanghai’s International Airport, you will proceed to clear all immigration and customs formalities and meet your tour representative in the arrival area of the airport. Your tour leaders and guide will lead you to your city hotel. Have dinner and spend the night in Shanghai to catch up on some sleep.

Day Two in Shanghai – Exploring the City

Start your memorable tour of Shanghai by walking along the famous Bund, a mile-long stretch of the Huangpu River. Lined by the colonial architectures of European design, this area is the best place to capture the western influences of the old days. Continue to visit the Temple of God and Ming Dynasty Yuyuan Garden which is considered to be one of four greatest Chinese gardens. In the evening, enjoy a Huangpu River Night Cruise and get a glimpse of the dazzling and charming night view of Shanghai.

Meals Included: Breakfast || Lunch || Dinner

Day Three and Four in Shanghai – Discover Business Culture

Over the course of these two days, you will also have the chance to visit local or international businesses, and attend cultural integration activities such as business etiquette and beginner mandarin courses. Through these activities, you will learn more about China’s unique culture and bustling economic environment.

With any free time: Visit the Pudong Financial district, Nanjing Road Shopping Street, Tianzifang Street, Xintiandi district.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day Five and Six in Hangzhou – Discover the Gardens and the Tea Plantations

After breakfast, transfer to Hangzhou, described by Marco Polo as “the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world”. Take a boat ride on the West Lake, known for its scenic beauty that blends naturally with many famous historical and cultural sights. Visit the Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor, the beautiful West Lake garden. You will find some of the best photo ops here!

You will also have the opportunity to experience an oriental tea-tasting at the Dragon Well Tea Plantation and learn more about China’s popular tea industry.

Meals Included (Day Five): Breakfast || Lunch || Dinner
Meals Included (Day Six): Breakfast

Day Seven in Beijing – Discover Business Culture

Transfer to Beijing in the morning. You will have the chance to either visit a local or international business, an embassy, or a university.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day Eight in Beijing – Chinese History and Culture

Start the day early to watch the flag raising ceremony. The day’s tour begins from the largest public square in the world — the Tiananmen Square, and then continue through the Forbidden City, home of Chinese emperors for more than 500 years.

Continue exploring on your own terms in the afternoon. Beijing’s busy neighborhoods and marvelous attractions are not to be missed!

Meals Included: Breakfast || Lunch

Day Nine in Beijing – Discover China’s History

Today’s highlight is an excursion to the majestic Great Wall (Juyongguang), the most famous image of China, and a chance to climb a portion of this 3,700-mile marvel. Visit one of the largest Jade Exhibitions in Asia en-route. After lunch, see skilled artisans at work at a Cloisonné Factory. Tour the exquisite Summer Palace, the largest preserved ancient imperial garden in China, and a former summer resort for Emperors.

Meals Included: Breakfast || Lunch || Dinner

Day Ten in Tianjin – A Day of Your Own

Proceed to Tianjin in the morning. Visit the Ancient Cultural Street and the full of colonial style 5th Avenue. A traditional dinner will be arranged at a local restaurant. You will have the chance to visit a local or international business to network and build your understanding of China’s business culture. Enjoy the remainder of your day to explore, shop, or relax.

Meals Included: Breakfast || Lunch || Dinner

Day Eleven in Tianjin – Discover Business Culture

You will have the chance to visit local or international businesses, and attend cultural integration activities such as business etiquette and beginner mandarin courses. Through these activities, you will learn more about China’s unique culture and bustling economic environment.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Day Twelve in Beijing – Prepare to Come Home

Enjoy the morning at leisure before you are transferred to Beijing airport to board your flight back to Canada. The trip may be over, but the experiences and memories will certainly last a lifetime.

Meals Included: Breakfast

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*** Companies vary for each tour. The names of the companies to be visited are revealed one to three months prior to departure.