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South Africa 2018: An Emerging Markets Project


Project Basics

With the growing number of aspiring professionals looking to work in emerging markets upon graduation, the need for a well-rounded international education is becoming increasingly critical. Specifically, knowing what it means to live and work in a developing country gives you the tools you need to work with organizations internationally.

Five UNB students will be selected to participate in this groundbreaking project. Students will participate in company workshops, network with local professionals, learn the local etiquette, and gain skills and experience that employers back home are looking for. Participants will receive a certification in South African business etiquette, access to job opportunities, and resources to help them do business in South Africa in the future, all while traveling through this stunning nation. Experiential learning at its finest – will you be one of the select few UNB students taking part?

Explore Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria
Departure Tues April 24
Only 5 UNB students will be accepted!
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About South Africa

Newly added to the BRICS nations, the most dominant economy south of the Sahara is receiving global attention from businesses interested in breaking into Africa.

What’s Included

Round-trip flight to South Africa from Fredericton**

Company tours

All breakfasts and meals listed

Hotel accommodations (3+ Stars)

All scheduled activities in the itinerary

Learning package prior to departure and swag bag

Inter-country transportation

Local tour guides

Support whenever you need us



Cape Town

Cape Town is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is nessled between Table Mountain, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the ocean. It’s also a couple hours from the Southernmost tip of Africa. This seaside playground has it all. Cape Town is also the home to Robben Island, the Langa Townships and the majority of South Africa’s vineyards.



Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa with a population of 2.9 million people. It is known for its numerous international embassies, monuments and museums, but the city is also completely sports crazy with plenty of entertainment in theatres, music venues, and nightclubs. It’s in Pretoria where we were able to catch a live Rugby game with the locals. Pretoria is also strategically placed to visit industries such as the diamond mines and the BMW manufacturing facility.



Johannesburg was founded in the 19th century as a gold-mining settlement. While mineral and mining companies can still be found throughout and around the city, it now acts as the financial and commerce hub of South Africa. The landscape changes as you move across the city, from a bustling downtown full of high rises and markets, to sprawling townships. Johannesburg is home to the Apartheid Museum, Soweto township, and the Cradle of Human Kind.

Key industries that keep the economy running are: manufacturing, retail, financial services, communications, mining, agriculture and tourism. You will discover some of these main industries during your tour and understand what makes South Africa a new member of the BRICS nation.

| BMW | Cape Point Vineyards|
| Johannesburg Stock Exchange | Bombardier|

All companies are selected one-three months prior to departure ***


Day One: Welcome to Pretoria

Flying across the world is not only exciting but also gives you lots of time to catch up on sleep, watch movies, and meet other EMP travelers.

Once you arrive at Johannesburg’s International Airport, you will proceed to clear all immigration and customs formalities and meet your tour representative in the arrivals area of the airport. Your tour leaders and guide will lead you to your city hotel. Have dinner and spend the night in Pretoria to catch up on some sleep.

Day Two: Exploring Pretoria

Breakfast and Dinner are included!

Start your memorable tour of Pretoria by visiting the Voortrekker Monument, the Union Buildings and Church Square in the center of Pretoria. Stroll through the historic streets of Pretoria known as the administrative capital and ‘garden city’. In the afternoon, visit the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, to see animals such as zebra, jackal, duiker, kudu, impala, blue wildebeest, blesbuck, red hartebeest, ostrich, giraffe, and sable.

Day Three / Four: Doing Business in Pretoria

Breakfast and Dinner is included!

Over the course of these two days, you will have the chance to visit local or international businesses, and attend cultural integration activities such as a business etiquette mini-course. Through these activities, you will learn more about South Africa’s unique culture and bustling economic environment.

These activities are normally not finalized until one to three months prior to departure. In the past, we have visited the BMW plant and a diamond mine in Pretoria. Visiting these businesses provides a different perspective on international affairs and provides you with the chance to meet local professionals in the industry. You will also have the chance to visit a local University and/or take a beginner language class.

Day Five: Welcome to Johannesburg

Breakfast is included!

After breakfast, drive to the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO world heritage site and explore the Sterkfontein caves and Morenpang visitor center. This site is one of the most important paleontological sites in the world where over three million years of human activity are preserved in its natural cave formations beneath scenic plains where wildlife roam. Moreover, 40% of the world’s ancestor fossils have been found here. In the afternoon, head to Johannesburg, have dinner, and take the night off.

Day Six: A Day of Your Own

Breakfast is included!

Visit the Apartheid Museum to learn about one of South Africa’s most infamous eras which shaped the present social and cultural fabric of the nation. The Apartheid still affects business practice and local residents to this very day.

In the afternoon, explore on your own terms or take some time to yourself. Take part in an optional activity or explore Johannesburg with your group.

Day Seven: Doing Business in Johannesburg

Breakfast is included!

You will also have the chance to visit local or international businesses, and attend cultural integration activities such as a beginner language course. Through these activities, you will learn more about South Africa’s unique culture and bustling economic environment.

In the evening, fly to Cape Town.

Day Eight: Welcome to Cape Town

Breakfast and Dinner is included!

Hop on the ferry to Robben Island, an isolated prison that once held captured political prisoners like Nelson Mandela. There, you will meet a former prisoner of Robben Island, who will guide you through the prison where he spent many sleepless years, the Lime Quarry where the prisoners worked, and Nelson Mandela’s holding cell.

In the afternoon, take a trip to the top of Table Mountain where you will see some of the best views of the city.

Day Nine: A Day of Your Own

Breakfast and Dinner is included!

It’s time for you to explore on your terms! Choose to relax, explore Cape Town with your friends, or take part in one of the many adventurous activities that Cape Town is renowned for.

Day Ten: Doing Business in Cape Town

Breakfast and Dinner is included!

You will partake in a tour of the Langa Township, one of the most underprivileged neighborhoods in Cape Town. Visiting Langa is a marking experience for each EMP traveler – it’s an eye-opening journey that challenges everything you know about business, politics, and entrepreneurship. The Langa township is home to those directly affected by the Apartheid. Struggling with lack of opportunities, many of the residents have taken to entrepreneurship to create their road to success. A local guide living in Langa will take you through the township to meet local entrepreneurs and business owners while explaining their culture.

Day Eleven: Doing Business in Cape Town

Breakfast and Dinner is included!

On this final day in South Africa, you will also have the chance to visit local or international businesses. Through these activities, you will learn more about South Africa’s unique culture and bustling economic environment. These activities are normally not finalized until one to three months prior to the tour. In the past, we have visited vineyards, not-for-profits, and a construction company in Cape Town.

Day Twelve: Prepare to Come Home

Breakfast is included!

Enjoy the morning at leisure before you are transferred to Cape Town’s international airport to board your flight back to Canada. The trip may be over, but the experiences and memories will certainly last a lifetime.

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** Flights provided by KLM, Air Canada, South African Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways or similar. Departure and return options available to and from any major Canadian city; price may vary. Exceptions possible for other cities outside of Canada.

*** Companies vary for each tour. The names of the companies to be visited are revealed one to three months prior to departure.