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April 2, 2019 – Apr 13, 2019


12 days + flight


We’re bringing together a community of ambitious professionals in South Korea where you’ll experience first-hand the possibilities of emerging technology. Over the course of 12 days, you’ll visit 3 major tech hubs throughout South Korea. You’ll be treated to panels and networking sessions with top experts of the industry and workshops that will help you to become at the frontline of tech innovation. You’ll meet with local South Korean professionals to see tech, growth, and IT leadership from their perspective. Most importantly, you’ll become part of a beautiful community of tech professionals seeking to grow their careers and truly challenge their understanding of the tech world.

This groundbreaking project has specifically been made for women in tech, to create a community and program where women and allies can come together to grow as professionals, discuss ways to promote better equality and inclusion of women in the field, and experience the immersive technologies of South Korea, Asia’s Tech Hub.


Experience Emerging Technologies

Dive deep into emerging tech such as AI, virtual reality, robotics, smart devices and more first-hand. Discover how South Korea has seamlessly integrated these technologies into everyday life. This will help you stay ahead of trends and generate ideas for applications and uses back home.

Gain Insights from Women in Tech

Gain insights from prominent women in the South Korean tech field. These inspiring professionals have excelled in an industry underrepresented by women while prevailing against unique societal norms where women’s roles are highly traditional.

Level Up Your Management Skills

Learn from local professionals on key IT Management topics such as alignment, securing buy-in, privacy and data management, and leadership. Discover a South Korean perspective on these topics and build your own skills with interactive workshops with the experts.

Build Your International Network

You’ll meet with local professionals in South Korea in our networking events and company visits. You’ll also make lifelong connections with other women in tech and allies who are participating in this eye-opening journey with you.

Ready to Participate?

We aim for each project to consist of an ambitious and diverse community of young professionals. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first served basis so be sure to apply asap to guarantee your spot!


South Korea is the tech hub of Asia and one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. The country is actively investing in technological innovations that improve the quality of life of its citizens. Nonetheless, South Korea is a country where gender stereotypes are commonplace and the workplace has a rather thick glass ceiling. Here, women’s issues extend far beyond the tech sector making it an eye-opening place to find success stories and insights into this global challenge. What better place to come together?


The government recently announced $70 billion investment in the hi-tech industry.

Internet Access

Has the world’s fastest wireless speeds on the planet. Nearly 100% of Korean households have Internet access.

Research & Development

4.3% of it’s GDP is spent on research and development, the biggest spender of all G20 nations ahead of Canada, Australia, and the USA.



Seoul is known as the 24-hour city with many things to do and see day and night. The city has grown from a poor, war-torn nation to a modern, cosmopolitan city in just 50 years. Today, it is a financial and tech hub for Asia. Seoul is the capital of South Korea and the country’s largest city with a population of approximately 10 million. But don’t let its modern and high-tech rep fool you! Behind the flashy lights and innovation lie pockets of history and elements of a highly traditional society.

Songdo, Incheon

Songdo is a district in Incheon, the third largest city in South Korea and located just outside of Seoul. Songdo has been designated as the country’s international business district and has been built from scratch as a smart city. As such, tech has been seamlessly integrated into virtually every building and public installation in the district. It has some of the world’s most modern architecture, 22 million sq ft. of LEED-certified space, and now houses many international universities and companies.


Daejeon, the fifth largest city in the country and often referred to as the Silicon Valley of Asia. The city houses research facilities, tech centers, and labs for major corporations including well-known Korea companies Samsung and LG. Lying inland just an hour from Seoul, most of Daejeon’s 1.5 million inhabitants are tech leaders or in some way involved in science, research, and technology industries.



Your unique experience in South Korea is made up of masterclasses, workshops, and company visits. These activities are hosted by locals and provide you with eye-opening insights into this topic and South Korea as a whole. Learn more about the Emerging Markets Project experience.

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    Arrival in Seoul

    Welcome Dinner, Icebreaker Activities, Goal Setting

  • null

    Experimenting with Emerging Technologies, Part 1

    Company visit, Dongsung Robot Museum, Namsangol Hanok Village
    Take a deep dive into the emerging tech of South Korea! Discover new trends, see new applications for AI and robotics, and discover how they’ve been implemented seamlessly into everyday life in Seoul.

  • null

    Experimenting with Emerging Technologies, Part 2

    Company visit, Digital Media City district, Digital Pavilion, Samsung D’light
    Continue to explore emerging tech of South Korea! Today, you’ll focus on immersive technologies like AR and VR, discover practical applications for these technologies, and see how they’re being/planning to be throughout the country.

  • null

    Implement it: Achieving Alignment & Buy-In

    Full-day Masterclass, Pitch Workshop, Evening off
    After having witnessed amazing emerging technologies, the next step is to find concrete ways to implement them. You’ll learn to define the business use case and gain buy-in so that these technologies can be used in productive ways within organizations.

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    Tech in Everyday Life: The Internet of Things

    Visit Songdo, Compact·Smart City, NC Cube, G Tower, Workshop
    This day takes places in the international business district of Songdo, a smart city built just outside of Incheon. The neighbourhood has some of the world’s most modern architecture, sustainability certifications, and international universities setting up shop. Despite this, the area has been facing slower than anticipated growth and criticism from the local population – that’s why we’re bringing you in to address the issues with this hyper-modern Smart City.

  • null

    Day Off

    Take advantage of some free time to discover our recommended attractions or explore beautiful Seoul on your own terms!

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    Cybersecurity & Privacy - A South Korean Perspective

    Speakers panel, Case Workshop, Ewha Womans University, Moderated roundtable
    Discover how security and privacy are addressed in South Korea and try your hand at crisis management. The day ends with a discussion about Women in Tech and how we can foster the inclusion or more women in the tech space at the world’s largest female educational institute.

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    Leadership & Business Communications in Tech

    Masterclass, Company visit, Evening networking event|
    Today is all about gaining the often overlooked communication-based soft skills required to be a leader in tech. You’ll participate in a workshop about communication skills and discuss topics such as undercutting, highlighting your achievements, and asking. End your day by making connections with South Korean female IT professionals.

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    Big Data & Analytics

    Daejeon, Company visits, Eunhaengdong Euneungjeongi culture street
    Dive into data concepts with a day trip to Daejeon, the Silicon Valley of Asia. You’ll meet with experts in the field and discover new solutions and methods being used to manage data in one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet.

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    Making it Succeed - Project Management Toolkit

    Morning off, half-day Masterclass, Moderated roundtable, Evening out
    Over 30% of IT projects are cancelled before completion – that’s why you’ll be discussing the foundations of project management today to help beat these odds. After a well-deserved morning off and masterclass, you’ll put this knowledge to practice by looking at some of the many project failures worldwide, what went wrong, and brainstorm how things could have been done differently.

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    The Next Generation

    School visit, Surprise Workshop, Final Dinner
    Part of solving the women in tech problem involves creating a pipeline of incredible, talented female leaders. This day will encourage participants to share their knowledge with younger generations of Korean girls and be part of the solution before closing off this eye-opening experience.

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    Final breakfast, check out, flights home



Jazna Rossi

Project Manager, Toast VR

Jazna Rossi is the Project Manager of Toast VR, the virtual reality studio behind Richie’s Plank Experience. She has over 5 years of experience in the Canadian and Australian tech fields, having mainly worked with startups. Jazna is actively involved within the women’s tech community and advocates strongly for both inclusion and equality in the workplace.



Jazna Rossi

Project Manager, Toast VR

Jazna Rossi is the Project Manager of Toast VR, the virtual reality studio behind Richie’s Plank Experience. She has over 5 years of experience in the Canadian and Australian tech fields, having mainly worked with startups. Jazna is actively involved within the women’s tech community and advocates strongly for both inclusion and equality in the workplace.


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