What’s Included

Discover the Business Trip Experience



We believe that to gain the experience of a business professional, you need to travel like a business professional. The Business Trip Experience is our commitment to making your trip convenient and hassle-free: just like any good business trip should be! Your two-week trip is fully planned by us. We include just about everything, even those little details you wouldn’t normally think of: taxes, transfers to and from the airport, most meals, and more.


Each destination has its own flair, but no matter where you travel, we want to make sure that you are comfortable and well-rested throughout your travels. All of our tours include hotel accommodations or traditional lodging based on double occupancy. We work with hotels located in safe areas, where you can walk around, explore the city, and find a place to eat or grab a drink at the end of the day. Check out some of our favourites:


The Suryaa

New Delhi, India


Tryp by Wyndham Usaquen

Bogota, Colombia


Mingde Grand Hotel

Shanghai, China


West Lake Golden Plaza Hotel

Hangzhou, China


El Bosque de Samán Finca

Alcala, Coffee Triangle, Colombia


Crystal Sarovar Premiere

Agra, India


Flights to and from your destination are not included in the base program fee. This provides you the flexibility to decide how and when you’ll reach your starting destination. We understand that booking flights can be cumbersome and frustrating for some, especially given all of the routes and airline companies available! That’s why it’s our pleasure to offer the option to book your round-trip flights. We book flights within 3 months of departure meaning that any special requests must be made early! Some of the airlines that we choose to fly with include:

  • Colombia: Air Canada, Aeromexico, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Avianca, LATAM, or similar
  • South Africa: KLM, Air Canada, South African Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, British Airways or similar
  • China: Air Canada, Air China, China Southern, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, American Airlines or similar
  • India: Air Canada, Air India, Lufthansa, American Airlines, British Airways, SpiceJet, Jet Airways or similar


You are required to hold a valid passport that expires at least 6 months after your return flight in order to travel with us. Although some countries do allow you to travel with a passport a little closer to expiry, this is risky and airlines may not let you board. This can be a total drag, so we recommend making sure your travel documentation is up to date. Additionally, airlines require that the name on your ticket match 100% with your name as written in your passport (so be extra careful when submitting information to us)!

Visas and Travel Documentation

Visas are a common practice for those traveling to other countries outside of North America. Most Canadian citizens require visas to enter Colombia, China, and India, but this can depend on nationality and other citizenships that you hold. Since everyone faces a different situation, we do not include visas or visa services in our pricing, but will gladly assist in directing you to the right place! We recommend calling the local embassy of the country you are planning to visit and making sure you have met all of the requirements. If you’re having trouble, be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible since some visas require a couple of months to be issued!

How We Book Your Flight

  • Airline: If you have had the chance to fly on a few airlines, you may have noticed a couple of differences between them. We aim to work with airlines that are comfortable, include meals, and a good baggage allowance for your trip.
  • Layovers and Flight time: We try and get you to your destination within a reasonable time. Our goal is for you to not spend 24 hours waiting for a connection, but also not sprinting through each airport! Keep in mind that you may not always be on the shortest flight possible as our goal is to keep your price as affordable as we can (and non-stop / shorter flights are often pricier!)

Overall, we wouldn’t book you on flights that we wouldn’t take ourselves. We call each and every traveler before booking your flights, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any preferences such as air carrier, seating arrangements, or otherwise!

Booking Your Own Flights

Have you saved up some crazy frequent flyer miles? Are you a flight booking pro? Perhaps a family member works for an airline? Whatever the case may be, this is your opportunity to take advantage! When booking your own flights, you have benefit of choosing your preferred route, airline and seating. Please keep in mind that you are 100% responsible for getting to and from the destination on the start and end days of your project.

Want To Extend Your Trip?

No problem! Our Keep Traveling With Us program allows you to extend your dates at your destination or even fly to and from different cities before or after your flight! An extra week in Thailand after your China tour? How about visiting Macchu Pichu after your Colombia trip? Yes please! As part of this program, we will not only book you to your next destination, but we’ll even book your subsequent flights (until you get back to Canada) all for the same price you’d pay on your own! That’s right – no markups, no service fees! So leave it to us and take advantage to keep exploring the world!


Every tour explores different areas of a specific country. This requires traveling via plane, train, bus, or boat within that country! All packages include this domestic transportation to get you from point A to B. Travelling within the country can be difficult with a lot of luggage. We recommend only bringing one suitcase and one carry on to the country of destination. If you feel like you need to bring more luggage, please let us know and we will be happy to see how we can accommodate.


You’ll be accompanied for the majority of your tour by one of our excellent local guides. Your guides know the in’s and out’s of the country that you’re visiting and will also give you excellent insights! All of our guides have experience in working with North American groups, which is very important for the following reasons:

  • They understand what North Americans are accustomed to. This means that they are aware of your standards and will be able to advise on the norms of their country (for example, did you know you can’t eat ice cream in India because milk isn’t processed in a way that Canadians can digest?)
  • They understand what you would like to learn about the country! They know where North Americans like to go but will also have excellent local recommendations for you!
  • They speak English or French (depending on the tour), as well as the local language.


Asking Questions to Your Guide

Ask Questions! Every country has it’s own culture and rules for when things run and how. While traveling around the country, it’s important to understand these cultural differences. In China, you will find that everything runs ahead of schedule and being on-time is a very important concept. Meanwhile, in South Africa, you may find things are moving a little bit slower. We encourage you to pick up on these cultural differences and ask your guide if you have any questions on how things are run in the country.  Some questions we encourage you to ask your guide:

  • How do I say _______ in the local language?
  • Where do you recommend we go for dinner/drinks?
  • How do I use local transportation?
  • Can you help me purchase tickets/events/excursions?
  • How do I make sure to stay safe when I want to…?

Every tour includes visits to local and/or international companies. The goal of these tours is to allow you to visit a business within that country to learn more about the industry, specific challenges and opportunities that company has, and to experience business firsthand within the destination. Some companies we have visited in the past include:

International and Local Companies: BMW, Bombardier, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Ubisoft, Alibaba, Cape Point Vineyards, Power Construction, Elephant Paints, Golden Mantis Construction, Dragon Well Tea Plantation

Each company has its own way of presenting what they do. Overall, you’ll learn about the challenges/opportunities that they face daily. You can expect to take part in some of the following activities on company visits:

Masterclasses and presentations

Ready to learn about human resources practices in post-Apartheid South Africa? How about discovering Canada-China relations at the China Canada Business Council? You’ll get to dig deeper and ask questions about the local working culture, identify differences between the country you are visiting and your home country, and meet the local professionals.

Facility tours, including manufacturing plants

Walk through the plant of Bombardier in China where some of the fastest trains in the world are made. Or perhaps you’ll walk the assembly line in BMW South Africa! Regardless of the destination, you’ll get to observe the working conditions of employees within the plans, and learn about the reality of producing goods in a developing country.

Hands-On Experiences

From learning to pick tea leaves to sampling South African wine or Colombian coffee, you’ll get to discover how many things that we use daily are truly made. Learn more about the industry and put yourself in the shoes of locals working in that country.

Entrepreneurial Initiatives

You’ll meet Colombians living in the mountains who make a living finding gold in the river after escaping violence in their hometowns. In South Africa, you’ll visit the Langa Township to meet local entrepreneurs and hear about their struggles of starting a business without money, education, and even literacy.

Companies and organizations visited vary by tour and destination. We only announced the organizations that you’ll be visiting 1-2 months prior to departure. This is because most companies will only know their schedules a few weeks in advance. Because of this, we aim to have an international, local, and an entrepreneurship-focused visit, on every tour – and of course from different industries. This way, you come home with a true appreciation of what it’s like to work in a developing country.


Our trips don’t neglect the leisure side of things! You’ll visit the hottest destination activities, discover history and culture, and snap photos at some of the most Instagram-worthy places on earth. Some examples include:

  • Robben Island. Learn about the impact the Apartheid has had on South Africa. Find out about South Africa’s fight for democracy, how this affects the everyday citizen and what changes have been made since it’s abolishment.
  • Climb the Great Wall of China. Step into history as you climb one of the oldest structures on earth. The Great Wall symbolizes the importance of China’s history to locals today.
  • Bogota’s Gold Museum. Once known as El Dorado, many nations sailed to Colombia looking for resources. Discover how this resource contributed to both the country’s growth and civil unrest.
  • Cultural Integration Classes. Each tour features two integration activities in a classroom setting so that you are prepared to navigate the country at ease. This may include a language class, a business etiquette class, and more!

We cover your breakfasts so you can always start your day off right. Some lunches and dinners are included. For meals that are not covered, you can expect to spend only a fraction of the amount you would normally spend on food in Canada! We do this so that you can try the local cuisine on your own terms without always being restricted by a group menu.

Also, sometimes you might be tired of the local food and really want some McDonald’s, and that’s okay!

  • Gear / Swag: Before departure, you’ll receive an awesome swag bag with useful and fun items for your trip.
  • Pre-departure learning package: Being prepared will make you feel more confident before heading to a developing nation. Our packages include checklists, safety tips, historical information about the country, and awesome suggested articles that will make everything you see at your destination make sense!
  • Operations and Administration Fees: We use a small portion of the payment to support our website, payment processing, traveller support for you, communications, overhead and other necessary company expenses that ensure we’re delivering an awesome experience to you!

It's a no-brainer! Our "Just Show Up" philosophy means we've included just about everything to make your travel experience as simple as possible.